Our Story

M&R journey began with small ideas and big dreams. Our partnership as friends goes back to our days in school to choosing the same subjects in college & having our first job in the same organisation and finally settling in the same city(Bangalore).Our friendship was perhaps embedded in our genes, ours is the 3rd generation friendship and now its matured into a decor partnership.
 Our entrepreneurial voyage started by participating in flea markets with our hand stitched cushion covers and runners; however we soon realised that either the fabric prints  we selected were in short supply or they were pricey. That’s when we decided to do our own prints to have more flexibility. We did a lot of homework from fabric selection to cost analysis to print design decisions . The designs are made to come to life with the creation of blocks. It was an absolute magic to see a piece of wood getting converted to an exotic block…and eventually printed on the fabric
Block printing is not as easy as it sounds – right from mixing colours to get the perfect colour shade , to getting the precision of block placement right, its a journey that we live with every project.
Our product range has a minimalist style and aesthetic that would fit right into any home. Think paisley patterns on bed linen, little yellow birds on curtains and patterned frills on cushions. We love to  experiment with techniques and prints
with every collection
We come up with designs and the artisans make the designs come to life with the creation of blocks. We work alongside the printer to ensure that we get the right colour & precision. Though our home decor items are mostly ethnic and are inspired by the ancient Indian & Mogul culture, we also have contemporary prints which are equally adorable