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Our journey with Block printing started off with attending a "DIY" session. We were doing some small renovation for a relative who allowed us to explore our decor ideas for her home, we were super excited, but our excitement was short-lived as we realised that exotic printed fabric comes with super "exotic" price :-) , that's when we thought that we will make our own prints....and since then there was no looking back.

The designs of motifs which is used for block printing in India is usually associated with the traditional art form and of course the intricate florals introduced by the Moghuls and also one gets to see a lot of vibrancy in the shades of colours.
Our designs range from the pure ethnic Jamini Roy inspired & Tanjovore doll prints to the contemporary monstera and maple leaves. We experiment a lot with the prints and colours, in-fact we are trying our hands on pastels this summer.

Block printing is one of the ancient methods of printing with its origin in India, China and Japan....currently with the advent of Digital and Screen printing, Block printing has taken a back seat. No doubt, Digital and Screen printing has taken over, but hand block printed has a beauty of it's own, each print is unique as it is hand made and though the accuracy would not be as a machine print, that little flaw is what makes it perfect ....
Hand block printing is almost dwindling now....At M&R almost 90percent of our products are hand block printed and it's our small effort to keep the age old form.of art alive.

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  • The maple leaves looks awesome. Very soon, I think I will have to drape your curtains around me because I love almost ALL prints :-)

    Sunitha Prabhu on
  • Nice Read! Refreshing prints

    Sushanta on
  • Nice Read! Refreshing Prints!

    Sushanta on

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